Platelet Rich Plasma

The power to heal is in your blood!

Platelets are like the first responders of your immune system

Scientifically tested

Minimally invasive with effective relief

PRP is helping our patients get back to enjoying their lives and activities faster and pain free.

Scientifically tested

Platelet Rich Plasma has been scientifically tested and in use for many years across the world. It’s safe, and only done by certified, medical professionals.
Fast recovery

Fast recovery

Your own blood and platelets are extracted, separated, and then re-injected into the area of injury. These platelets release growth factors that promote natural healing.

Certified, professional staff

Our team of certified professionals will perform the extraction, separation, and injection. We’re with you every step of the way.

At Regenerative Wellness Clinic, our mission is to help patients heal themselves using their own natural healing potential.

Ask us about PRP for the following conditions:


Cartilage injuries


Muscle strains

Hair loss

Age spots

Ligament strains

Joint pain

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