Food Inflammation Test

Manage your health. See which foods you’re sensitive to. FIT tests your reactivity to 132 foods, colorings, and additives so you can combat disease before it strikes.

Benefits of Food inflammation test


Complete food profile

Detect both IgG antibodies and complement antigens together. The FIT assesses how you react to a variety of food antigens, resulting in a more complete profile of foods that cause sensitivities.

132 foods, colors, and additives tested

Inflammation is the initial cause for many diseases. The Food Inflammation Test covers 132 foods, colors, and additives to ensure a well-rounded spectrum of your possible allergens.

Smart-phone friendly

Use the FIT’s smart phone app to make better choices easily. Avoid potentially harmful foods, unique to your body and its sensitivities.

Most comprehensive test available

The Food Inflammation Test (FIT) is the most comprehensive test available, with over 100 food sensitivities (including colors and additives) tested, to yield the most accurate results.

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