Common Causes of Neck Pain and Why Conventional Treatments Often Fail

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Common Causes of Neck Pain and Why Conventional Treatments Often Fail

Sep 20, 2022

Neck pain for most people is more than a “pain in the neck.” This disorder affects roughly three percent of the global population, and it’s responsible for missed work time, decreased productivity, as well as a large number of prescription medications, making it an international financial and insurance burden.

The most common causes of neck pain are listed below. Sadly, the available treatments for neck pain have lagged behind the prevalence of this condition — that is, until recently. If many of the conventional treatments for neck pain have failed for you, there is hope. An innovative new therapy may be able to help you, and it’s one your doctor may not even have recommended yet.

Cause of Neck Pain

Aging joints

Aging leads to all kinds of joint problems, and the neck is one key area where age-related joint degeneration often shows up, due to both wear and loss of tissue volume. Aging joint problems include:

  • Osteoarthritis (wearing down of the joint cartilage in the vertebrae)
  • Spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spaces within the spinal column)
  • Disc degeneration (loss of cushioning between vertebrae)
  • Herniated disc (can also cause pinched nerves, AKA nerve compression)
  • Bone spurs (another contributor to nerve problems)

Poor posture

Aging can contribute to poor posture, such as hunching over. However, one doesn’t have to be a senior to suffer neck pain from poor posture. Slumping over a computer or mobile phone and not sitting upright to read, work, or even watch TV can cause neck pain.

Poor posture can also be experienced horizontally. Sleeping in the wrong position without adequate support can result in neck pain.


Fibromyalgia is a poorly understood condition that can cause all-over body aches, joint stiffness, and profound fatigue. Some people with fibromyalgia experience neck pain as part of their symptoms.

Tension and stress

Most of us have had times of intense stress where we find our shoulders creeping up toward our ears or we can’t seem to relax. This type of muscle tension, whether in the workplace or sitting in your car, is another major cause of neck pain. It may combine with poor posture, overuse (see below), and aging to make neck pain even worse.


You may experience neck pain once in a while when you overdo it, such as after spring cleaning the house or a week on vacation carrying a hiking backpack. However, some people have chronic neck pain from ongoing overuse, whether due to manual labor, parenting, sports, or dance.


Neck pain can occur following a trauma (acute injury). Some common ways of injuring the neck during trauma include:

  • Slip and fall injuries (or bracing to avoid a fall)
  • Sports injuries (especially in contact sports)
  • Motor vehicle and bicycle accidents
  • Domestic or elder abuse

Even if you wisely get checked out at the ER following a trauma, you may continue to have neck pain long after, provoked by certain motions and activities or even by a change in the weather.


Some diseases may cause progressively worsening neck pain. These include tumors, cancer, and infection, especially meningitis.

Why Conventional Treatments for Neck Pain Don’t Usually Work

Ignoring the root causes of pain

There are many traditional treatments for neck pain, but most of them fail eventually for a variety of reasons:

  • Too expensive to do long-term (e.g., acupuncture, massage, or chiropractic)
  • Impractical (e.g., giving up work or athletics)
  • Temporary fixes (e.g., heat and ice or steroid injections)
  • Only masking the pain (e.g., medications)
  • Cause side effects or health risks (e.g., medications and surgery)

What all these conventional treatments have in common is that they rarely treat the root cause of the pain. Instead, they force people to live with pain long-term. Even surgery may only be temporary in terms of providing relief.

A New Alternative in the Treatment of Neck Pain

Regenerative medicine

There is a different option, however, for the treatment of neck pain. At RegenerWave Clinic, we use regenerative medicine to successfully treat neck pain from a wide range of causes.

This innovative branch of medicine uses injections of exosomes, which are similar to stem cells but more ethically derived. They send messages to the cells of the body to jump-start a natural healing process. Inflammation is reduced, immunity is improved, and, when needed, new tissue may actually develop to fill in where it has been lost due to aging, wear, and injury.

Regenerative medicine is used to treat many joints in the body, and it’s being explored for diseases like diabetes and cancer. Its effects last for months or years, as the cells generated renew over and over again. Many of our patients find substantial pain relief after a few sessions. You can use regenerative medicine on its own or combine it with our holistic functional medicine program that addresses gut health, nutrition, hormones, and more.

Although regenerative medicine with exosomes is not usually covered by insurance yet, it may ultimately be less expensive than conventional treatments, especially if you have to cover copayments and deductibles for treatments that never really give you full pain relief.

Is regenerative medicine the key to resolving your neck pain for good? An initial appointment is all you need to find out. We will review your medical history, perform a physical exam, and take any images necessary for a complete diagnosis. Together, we can map out a plan to send your neck pain packing.

To learn more, call RegenerWave Clinic at 954-510-3150, or reach out online today to schedule your first consultation.

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