Acoustic Wave Service

The non-invasive solution to help you find relief with your chronic/acute conditions. Enhance blood circulation and help your body repair damaged tissue in a fast and effective way.


Our staff works directly with you and your specific needs to optimize your health. Our specialty is human betterment.

Erectile Dysfunction treatment
RegenerWave Urology is a noninvasive regenerative medical treatment using low-intensity sound waves to help promote angiogenesis and increase the flow of oxygenated blood to the penis for longer, harder and more frequent erections. Some patients observe a larger size and increased girth after a round of treatment sessions, especially when stacked with stem cell and platelet-rich plasma injections. There is no down time and a patient can usually enjoy intimacy later in the day or evening.

Benefits of Acoustic wave service


Short treatment sessions

On average each treatment takes about 10-15 minutes and is tailored to each patient’s condition.

Fast and effective pain relief

This technology is helping our patients get back to enjoying their lives and activities faster and pain free.

Non-invasive with little to no downtime

This allows patients to come in, undergo their therapy and even resume daily activities and exercise the same day.

Speeds up recovery

Sound waves are transmitted to the point of pain and surrounding area creating a physiological cascade that promotes tissue regeneration.

No medication or anesthesia involved

Being a non-invasive treatment, there’s no need for any medications or anesthesia during your therapy sessions.

At Regenerative Wellness Clinic, our mission is to help patients heal themselves using their own natural healing potential.

Ask us about Acoustic wave for the following:


Greater trochanter pain syndrome

Shoulder pain

Lateral and medial epicondylopathy of the elbow

Osgood Schlatter disease: Apophysitis of the anterior tibial tubercle

Dupuytren disease

Muscle sprain without discontinuity

Myofascial syndrome

Injuries associated with heels, knees, and elbows

Trigger points in muscles


Plantar fasciitis, with or without heel spur

Tibial stress syndrome

Foot and ankle tendinopathies

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