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Dr. Rodriguez –Anatomic Pathologist

Dr. Rodriguez is passionate about wellness and preventive medicine through the aging years. Her commitment to weight loss and weight management and to looking one’s best from the inside stemmed from her training with Cenegenics while she was still a Pathology resident. Further, it was at the autopsy table that Dr. Rodriguez realized that the end point can be changed with a focus on preventative medicine.

Dr. Rodriguez has been practicing weight loss and age management medicine since 2010. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, her years spent in New York City and Stamford, Connecticut have allowed her to grow as a compassionate physician, always searching for the psychological and emotional causes that contribute to the disease progression while treating the patient for ailments with a more thorough analysis than the “standard-of-care.”

As a clinician, Dr. Rodriguez is dedicated to alleviating symptoms that cause a patient to be limited at work, at school, at home to encourage fulfillment of the patient’s main goals in life. After all, if we don’t have our health first, it is more difficult to push through the challenges of life.

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